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Happy Birthday

Directed: Putrama Tuta
Written: Ilya Sigma
Starring: Anjasmara, Raihaanun, Fahrani, Wulan Guritno, Magali Darga, Dara Asvia, Indra Birowo, Deddy Sutomo.

REKTRA stood with his eyes starring at dripping blood came from an unknown guy lying helpless inside a wrecked vehicle. He turned himself and ran for his life, running away as far as possible through the eyes of his past. It was both a strange sensation and an unbelievable experience.

Declared as the best and most promising scriptwriter of 2007 turned Rektra into a rock star. He can get any job he wanted, but after a while he lost himself, drifted away from his love of films. He made it clear for himself that low budget sex and horror films were able to support his life way better. The best of ideas derived from MARISSA, a B-Movie actress with goddess-like figure but with a personality of the devil.