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Putrama Pradjawasita known as Putrama Tuta, born in Jakarta 30 October  1982. The first son of two siblings, has a lot of passion in filmmaking since young age, even when his parent against his way. Got a rough time, Tuta had to move six times from his highschool as he felt doesn’t fit anywhere, and no one can understand how he feels. When he is 19, Tuta attended P2FTV, a film course institute owned by Budiati Abioga. As he graduated from highschool, Tuta went to Universitas Pelita Harapan concentrate in Business Law Program, but he didn’t finish as he feel his passion is in filmmaking. Tuta then continue  his study to Melbourne, Austalia.

Tuta starts his career from producing some music video. And his role both as director and producer in Film Catatan Harian Si Boy, bring him to Shanghai International Film Festival as the only nomine from Indonesia in Asian New Talent Award categories as New Comer Director, and had positive appreciation while screening his work in HuaHin Film Festival. Catatan Harian Si Boy also achieved awards in Balinale Internation Film Festival and gained One Citra Awards in Festival Film Indonesia 2011.


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