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Putrama Tuta’s debut in Catatan Harian Si Boy (2011) sent him to Shanghai as the first and single Indonesian nominee for first feature Director in SIFF 2012. His second film, Noah Awal Semula (2013), shot on DSLR and iPhone became the first Music Documentary theatrically released nationwide. His third film, titled A Man Called Ahok (2018), is the first biopic at the top 10 Indonesian box office, with 14 nominations and winning in 5 awards, where he was awarded the Best Director at the Indonesian Box Office Movie Awards 2019.

When he is 19, Tuta attended P2FTV, a film course institute owned by Budiati Abioga. As he graduated from highschool, Tuta went to Universitas Pelita Harapan concentrate in Business Law Program, but he didn’t finish as he feel his passion is in filmmaking. Tuta then continue his study to Melbourne, Australia


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