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Catatan Harian
Si Boy

Directed: Putrama Tuta
Written: Priesnanda Dwisatria, Ilya Sigma
Starring: Carissa Putri, Ario Bayu, Onky Alexander, Poppy Sovia, Paul Foster, Albert Halim, Abimana Aryasatya, Didi Petet, Roy Marten, Melaney Ricardo.

Nuke is lying sick in bed and won’t let off the book she holds. Natasha (Carissa Puteri), Nuke’s daughter just arrived from London to see her mother. The doctor almost gives up as he suggests Natasha to find the owner of the book to make her mother happy on her final moment. Meanwhile on the street, Satrio (Ario Bayu) on his car doing street race with 3 of his best friends.